Will You Remember? How To Keep An Aging Mind Sharp


Perhaps the most concerning of the new epidemics that face us is Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The prospect of being a prisoner in a body with no recognition of loved ones, and no recall of the most basic personal information, is terrifying to many. Baby Boomers surveyed now say that they are more worried about losing their mind than they are about cancer.

What do we know about Alzheimer’s? Very little, which tells you that medical science is still in the dark about how the brain works and the relationship of the mind to the body. Brain scans may reveal plaque or signs of reduced neurological activity, but nothing conclusive enough for a safe and effective treatment plan.

So, what do we know? We know that Alzheimers has increased dramatically in the past 50 years. Epidemiological data shows the incidence of Alzheimer’s in the 1960s was 2% in people over the age of 85 years. Today, the incidence in this population is 50% or more.  In people over 75 it is 20% – and 10% in individuals over the age of 65.

The genetic link to Alzheimer’s does not seem likely, given that the increase resembles an epidemic. Lifestyle and environment are more likely culprits. This means that something can be done to prevent the disease.

One key factor may be the type and amount of dietary fats. The brain is composed of 80% fat and uses 25% of the body’s production of cholesterol. The low-fat recommendations of the time period since the 1960’s may have proven disastrous for brain health. The widespread use of statin drugs to lower cholesterol is cited as a risk factor. [1] Are we sacrificing our brain health for the sake of our hearts? And the evidence is that heart disease continues to rise, despite the use of statin drugs, so we may be sacrificing needlessly, and harmfully. [2]

Another key factor may be environmental toxins. There are 18,000 pesticides approved in the U.S., with over 2 billion pounds applied each year. DDT and other pesticides have been linked to a 53% increase in cognitive decline in one study. [3]

What can you do to protect yourself? Eat good quality fats and avoid sugar and flour products. Enjoy butter, coconut oil, virgin olive oil and unrefined nut oils. Eat your carbs green in the form of vegetables and small amounts of fruit. Eat moderate amounts of protein. This is a brain-healthy diet.

Next, avoid drugs and medication unless they are necessary to save your life. Even without being currently on drugs, you must detoxify. Our livers and kidneys were never designed to handle the burden of chemicals, poisons and toxins currently in use in our advanced technological society. Drinking adequate water is not enough. Many toxins are fat-loving and, if the body cannot break them down with enzymes, these circulating toxins are stored in the fat tissue. And too many people have an abundance of fat tissue.

There are a variety of detoxes and cleanses you can do. The garbage that goes in must come out and it won’t unless you work at it. Chemicals and poisons cause an enormous amount of damage to cells, over-burdening the organs, and eroding nerve cells, since most pesticides are neuro-toxins.  If it kills bugs and pests, it will also kill you, if ingested in sufficient quantity. A large-scale human experiment was performed that proved this beyond any doubt. It was called The Holocaust. Pesticides were used in the ovens by the Nazis to exterminate Jews and other “undesirables.”[4] Your knowledge of this is your power to fight back.

If you need help changing your diet, or want to discuss your detoxification options, contact us. We have many programs that are easy to follow, and do not involve starvation or uncomfortable symptoms. Your long-term health is very important and everything we do at Well Body Clinic is designed to improve your state of health and quality of life.

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