Best Remedies For Healthy Travel

Patients and friends often consult me about what kinds of natural remedies they should take with them when they travel. So, here is a list of my recommendations to make your trip as enjoyable and healthy as possible.

Of course, much depends on where you are going and whether you are passing through time zones, and what kind of accommodations you can expect. There are a few general rules, such as to be careful about drinking the water when you travel to foreign countries. And don’t forget that you may swallow water when you brush your teeth.  A small bottle of liquid Lugol’s iodine can be used as an antiseptic. You can add a drop to your drinking water, and add a few drops to the water you rinse your teeth in, or use a few drops in a gargle with salt if you feel a sore throat coming on. Iodine is Nature’s own antiseptic. You could also use iodine on a cut. And rubbing some on your skin, or drinking a few drops will enhance your immune system and give your thyroid the iodine it needs to make the main thyroid hormone.

There are a few homeopathic remedies that I always travel with. One is Nux Vomica 6C or 30C. This is a wonderful remedy if you feel nausea from food, flu or hangover. Take four pellets every 15 minutes.

Apis Mellifica 6C is another homeopathic favorite of mine. It will neutralize the itch of a mosquito bite or the sting of a bee or wasp. One time I treated a young boy who was a friend of my son’s. A wasp had stung him and his hand had swelled to twice the normal size. One dose of Apis reduced the swelling in a matter of minutes, right before our eyes.

Arnica Montana 6C is staple remedy I recommend for your kit. For bruises, sprains, muscle strain or any soft tissue injury, Arnica will reduce the pain and swelling. Take 4 pellets every 15 minutes as soon after the injury as possible.

If you are susceptible to illness when you encounter travel stress, I recommend both a homeopathic approach and other natural medicine. Oscillococcinium can be taken at the first sign of flu. Cold Calm from Boiron Homeopathics can be used for sniffly symptoms. And Gasillia can be used for intestinal rumbles.

One of the best things about the homeopathic remedies is that they come in small packages and take up very little room in your luggage. It is better if they do not get any radiation, but airport security makes that difficult these days.  Try to take homeopathic remedies away from any food or gum or anything else placed in mouth. Wait for a few minutes before and after. And do not touch the medicine, but put it directly from the package into your mouth and let dissolve.

For general immune support I recommend taking Congaplex along. Take two capsules every day and then two caps every hour if your immune system is under assault.

A betonite clay product is helpful for diarrhea. Cholacol II is very good. Charcoal capsules are an old remedy, available from your health food store.  I also have a very good recipe for a hot drink for diarrhea that I will print in another blog. Email me if you would like it sooner.

If you are very stressed when you travel, or you must cross time zones, I recommend adrenal support. Drenamin or Adrenal Essence are both good general adrenal support supplements, and a herbal Adrenal Complex will give you a slight and stable energy and focus, so it can be used to help you adjust to new time zones, or feel better on less sleep.

For constipation Colax is a very effective herbal remedy that is also gentle. Especially if you plan to eat exotic foods, or enjoy holiday treats, use a digestive aid like Zypan or Multizyme with each meal. If you travel where the water is not very clean and parasites are a risk, Zypan will help to prevent infestation.

Stressed about flying? Kava from Medi-Herb is a perfect solution. It makes you feel relaxed but alert, so you won’t miss your connecting flight!

If you are planning to indulge in alcohol, take 2 Livco before and after to help your live metabolize the toxins. And you may reap the benefit of missing out on any hung-over after-effects!

Our wonderful Ultimate Aloe cream can be used as a moisturizer, sunburn treatment, or a cream to treat any skin condition, so it is the best all-around skin cream to take with you. If you plan to do a lot of sports or walking, and anticipate sore muscles, Pain Pudding will relieve your aches and muscle fatigue. Royal Bee Cream, honey and royal jelly, can also be used for after sun, and is an excellent moisturizer that can be used for body or face.

If you are traveling to a hot or humid climate, packets of Emergen-C or electrolyte sports powder can be tucked into a pocket or purse and added to water. These are much better choices than the synthetic, chemical-laden, neon-colored sports drinks. The powders come in a variety of flavors, so are kid-friendly.

Please feel free to email me with any specific questions about your health and travel issues. I have traveled extensively to many far-off places and I love to see new sights. I have learned to that a few remedies taken along save me from having to visit pharmacies and try to find holistic remedies when labels are written in a different language. So, I keep many of these remedies in a small kit ready to throw in my suitcase. I used to keep a kit like this in my desk at work, also.

Call us at 818-562-1400 and we can mail remedies to you or advise you where to get them.

Don’t forget to stock up on your regular supplement program to take with you. Travel can be a physiological stress on the body, even if the trip itself is a vacation. Adrenal glands get stressed even when we are happy, because they have to help the body adapt to anything we do. Jumping for joy still puts a demand on the body. But I do hope that all your stresses are happy ones! Hope you are having a great summer.