Men's health -- different than women's

Despite any modern blurring between gender roles, one difference between men and women seems to persist. Men don’t pay as much attention to their health as women.

It’s not that men don’t pay attention to their bodies. They know when things hurt and when things don’t work properly. They just don’t seem to do much about it until things reach a crisis point.

It is true that men’s systems are not as complicated as women. Their hormones don’t need to be so finely tuned and their muscle mass gives them an advantage when it comes to fast weight loss.

But there are many hormone disruptors in our synthetic chemical world, and many men are suffering from fatigue, depression, anxiety and insomnia. These symptoms respond well to natural medicine and a healthy diet, so getting help is not difficult. It is recognizing that there is a problem that can be solved, that seems to be the issue.

Heart disease is a big concern for men, and has affected more men than women in the past. But much of heart disease is preventable when certain nutrients are eaten and the general diet and lifestyle are improved to mimic ancestral eating. Commercial breads, sugars and grains in general can cause a blood sugar imbalance which creates belly fat and inflammation-the real cause of heart disease.

South American Indians can run on rock in thin-soled leather sandals into their 90’s. So, we know that humans can live long active lives. And they should. Sedentary lifestyle, coupled with take-out from Frankenstein Fast Food Factories, sodas, too much coffee, plus stress = a recipe for disaster. Unless you are paying attention, it may seem like the disaster strikes suddenly. It doesn’t. It is not even silent. It just takes the right ear tuned to listen.

Just as a car needs some diagnostics and a tune-up, getting checked out “under the hood” is pretty vital these days to keep a handle on your health. Medical doctors treat disease. If you don’t want one, you have to connect with a Wellness doctor. My job is to keep you at the healthy end of the spectrum.

You are rewarded with feeling better, handling stress more easily, staying stronger and enjoying a more rewarding life. All the money in the world cannot give you a fun and active life if you lose your health.

There is quite possibly some symptom a man is concerned about, and most of the time it is nothing serious. But it means a light appeared on the dashboard, and it should not be ignored. Even if it is just to lose that gut, come in and see me. I promise no low-fat, hard to follow diets, just proven natural medicine that works to get your body back on track.

In celebration of Father’s Day, we have a special consultation price for men. Book before June 30th and get half off the first or follow-up visit, so that you can take one important step to be at your best. Happy Father’s Day!